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Outdoor wood burning Guidelines

see document for guilines

Become a Lifeguard

Are you interested in becoming a lifeguard? ..If so, call the Recreaplex at (506) 684-7357 for more information on the following four courses: 1) Bronze Star (+12 years) 2) Bronze Medallion (+13 years) 3) Bronze Cross (+14 years) 4) NLS (+16 years) Benefits of becoming a lifeguard: 1) Being part of a team 2) Having a part-time job 3)...

New EMO plan approved

The new Emergency Response Plan for the Town of Dalhousie was approved at the public meeting May 20, 2014.  A table top exercice will be executed later this year to be sure we are prepared. The EMO plan is sent to Province for translation.

Outdoor Burning

The Dalhousie Fire Department would like to remind the citizens of the Town of Dalhousie to please drop by the Department in order to get a burning permit if you are planning to burn leaves and grass for spring clean-up or any other time.

Restigouche County SPCA

The Restigouche County SPCA reminds everyone about the By-Law 601-05 and especially section 7. (1) (h) which states “ The owner of a dog commits an offense under this By-Law if he transports any animal unsecured in an open vehicle”. The penalty for such an offence is a fine of not less than $200.00 and not more than $500.00

Amendment to By-Law 202-05

READING OF BY-LAWS Moved by Councillor Leclair and seconded by Councillor Harquail that the Council of the Town of Dalhousie give fist reading to By-Law 202-14, an amendment to By-Law 202-05, a By-Law of the municipality of Dalhousie relating cabs and cabdrivers in the Town of Dalhousie. Heading (RE: change french heading to Ville de Dalhousie) Section 3. (b)(i) (RE: remove age limits...

866 Dalhousie Royal Canadian Air Cadets - Recruitment

866 Dalhousie Royal Canadian Air Cadets would like welcome all Youth ages 12 to 18 years. Meetings every Thursdays night - 6pm at LER School. FREE** Contact Capt. Chiasson 759-5405  

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