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November 19 2015

Dear Citizen,

The Town of Dalhousie Council is considering adopting the following motion for Syrian Refugees:

A Special Public meeting open to the public to discuss and approve this motion is scheduled for November 20, 2015 at 5:30pm

In view of the extreme situation prevailing in Syria, the Town of Dalhousie Municipal Council wants to set in motion a Refugee Welcoming Project for the Town of Dalhousie and Restigouche County.

Given the precarious and critical conditions endured by Syrian citizens; and

Given the Federal Government’s intention to accept 25,000 refugees by 2016; and

Given that a set number of refugees will be sent in each province; therefore

Be it resolved that the Town of Dalhousie ensures that a Welcoming Committee is in place to co-ordinate the arrival of its share of refugees in the county of Restigouche.

Be it further resolved that The Town of Dalhousie gathers and mobilises stakeholders from multicultural groups and the government in order to co-ordinate the refugees welcoming and settlement efforts in our region.

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