Winter parking in effect from November 1st to March 31st

Fire Safety Guidelines

 Smoke alarms or detectors should be tested monthly.

 Never paint over a smoke alarm.

 Smoke alarm batteries should be changed every 12 months.
 Always install smoke alarms at the highest level in home and hallway of bedrooms or in each bedroom.
 Use a broom stick to test smoke alarms to prevent falling.
 Have an extinguisher located in the kitchen where it can be easily visible and accessible.
 When cooking around a stove never use loose clothing.
 To smother a pan fire always use the pan cover and shut power to stove if possible or go to the breakers.
 Pot handles should always be turned in while cooking.
 If your clothes catch on fire stop, drop and roll and cover your face with your hands.
 Never stand up when there is a fire, stay low and get outside.
 Always use the back of the hand before opening a door where fire is involved on the other side, to prevent injury to the fingers.
 Loose receptacles are an indication of leakage current.
 Keep curtains or drapes at least 4 inches away from the top of electric heaters.
 Space heaters should be kept at least 3 feet away from any obstacles and never left unattended or plugged in for long periods of time.
 Always be candle safety with proper glass holders with drip retainers for candle melt down.
 Tighten fuses from an electrical panel every 6 months to prevent arcing.
 There should be two escape routes from each room in case of fire.
 Children should be taught not to hide in closets or under beds during a fire.
 Be aware of small lights with plastic shields that are inserted in the receptacles to give off light in the bedroom for small children, plastic has been known to melt and start major fire

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