Winter parking in effect from November 1st to March 31st

Fire Department Team

Fire Chief: Dave Adams

Deputies: Rene Landry and Mike Babin

Captains: Herby Hickey, Arthur Leclair, Roger Smith, Simon Blanchard and Ronnie Cameron

Lieutenant: Jean Marc Allard, Marc Giroux, Bruce Ross and Dave Phillips

1st Class: Darren Young, KevinLavigne, Marc Paradis and Regis Arseneault

2nd Class: Guy Leclair, Kevin Hickey,Terry Smith, Michel Diotte, Jonathan Savoie, Thomas Scott, Todd Grimes and Eric Chiasson

Salvage Corps: Jamie Firlotte, Patrick Laflamme, Remi Ouellette, Jonathan Blanchard, Ron Pangburn,Tyler Nash, Remi Hickey and Yves Pelletier

Contact Info

  • Office Hours: 8 am to 4 pm

For inquiries

  • Town Hall: 506-684-7600
    Monday to Friday
  • Chiefs Office: 506-684-7895

For all emergencies call 911